Essentials for cactus climbing

If you are planning to climb a cactus, the first thing you have to do is to get all the equipment you need to avoid injury: a light robot suit, cactus climbing boots with thick spongy rubber soles, thick rubber gloves and a white hat against sunstroke. The best way to climb a cactus is to apply your knowledge of wall climbing and stick your thick spongy rubber soles and gloves in the cactus spikes. After that, all you have to do is to climb above and above! Do not be afraid of heights and falling. You can put a mattress filled with water under yourself, and in the case of falling you will definitely bounce back, or if you punch the mattress with your robot suit, you will be cooled by the water. If you want to fully enjoy the climb, bring an mp3 with yourself and listen your favourite music hits!


  • I thought your method of ‘how to climb a cactus’ was detailed and maybe even the methods could be actually applied in real life. Not only did you tell us how to climb a cactus, but also how to avoid injury and have fun while climbing the cactus. This description was useful and fun to read as well, it’s written very well and includes a short yet detailed description of how to climb a cactus.

  • I liked that your paragraph is rich in details and you gave clear introductions. I also liked the expressions you used to express listing and make your paragraph easier to follow.

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