Baby Werewolf

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Walking back to my house from the grocery store, I spotted a black furry kitten caught in the thorn bushes. I immediately rushed toward the helpless kitten. Trying to be as gentle as possible, I managed to pull out the crying kitten from the bush. Cradling the kitten in my arms, I brought him to my house. While I pulled out the thorns, the kitten wailed in pain. “I’m so sorry! I have to or else the wounds will get infected. I guess, I’ll call you Lucky,” I reassured him softly. Who would hurt him, he’s so cute. Realizing there was a small paper attached to his color, I read it outloud, “Belongs to Willy Wood. 54 Redwood lane.” I told Lucky, “Oh! We found your owners. Don’t worry, I’ll bring you back to your family.” After saying those words, Lucky started bawling again.

Lucky sat in my lap while I drove to his owner’s house. “I guess this is it. Bye Lucky.” I said sadly, but I knew I couldn’t keep him. Knocking on the front door of Willy Wood’s house, the door abruptly swung open. A boy who looked around her age, 19, stared at her and demanded, “What do you want?” Startled, I said, “Uh… I think I found your cat.” He had untidy brown hair and freckles all over his face. The boy frowned and screamed, “How dare you bring that monster to me! Get it away from me!” How could he call his own pet a monster? Frustrated, I argued, “It’s just a kitten. This is your pet, how could you even call him a monster?!” Smirking, Willy said, “It’s not what you think it is. You’ll thank me later. Why won’t you listen?” I taunted, “Why are you even scared of a little kitten anyway? You don’t deserve him.”

Lucky has such horrible owners. Now what will I do with him. Once we arrived home, I set Lucky on the couch and left the house. I can’t take care of him; I need to find him a good home. After asking trusted friends and family if they wanted to adopt Lucky, I drove back home, disappointed. Nobody wanted Lucky. I didn’t have a choice. I would have to adopt Lucky.

Unlocking the front door, a kid or what looked like a kid stood behind the door with wide eyes. He looked maybe around three years old. His hair was jet black and had little furry wolf ears on his head. Some areas of his body had clumps of fur. The boy looked like he was half human and half cat or wolf. “Mama?” it said innocently. Shocked, I screamed, “AHHHH!” Attempting to run away, the boy quickly caught up. “Mama hates m-” he wailed, but was stopped mid sentence. His small body shrunk and fur sprouted out of his skin. There stood a cat and it was Lucky. “Am I dreaming?” I said aloud. Pinching myself I said, “Yep definitely not dreaming.”

10 years later… 

It’s been 10 years since I adopted Lucky. He grew up so fast. “Bye, mom! I need to go to school.” Lucky said, waving goodbye. “Bye! I hope you have a great day at school.”


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