Plasma Trouble (Continued)

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        Where are you guys? I asked myself. Another roar filled the air followed by a scream and a shout, “MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!” The shout said. The shout sound faintly familiar until I realized who it was. I walked towards the shout and roar. As I walked, I heard the shout and roar once again but louder. The voices became more and more familiar until I realized who it was. Commander and Eddie came through the trees screaming for life with branches, leaves, and pieces of bark in their hair and clothes, ”MOVE! MOVE! MOVE!” Eddie and the commander shouted.

        ”Why?” I asked.


        ”Idiot.” Commander said under his breath.

        ”What did you say?” I asked, but I knew what he said.

        ”Nothing.” the Commander lied.

        ”Yeah I thought so.” I replied. *ROAR!!!! Sniff, Sniff, Sniff* ”Oh god.” I said, ”RUN!!!!” Though, when I shouted, I heard the stampeding foot steps of the monster charging towards us. ”Quick, in here!” Eddie whisper shouted. Eddie pointed to a little spot with rocks above making it the perfect hiding spot. As Eddie, the commander, and I hid under the rock, the giant pots steps of the monster passed. ”Phew. That was close.” I said, as I emerged, I looked to my left and found the monster sniffing the ground, ”Dude, get under here!” Eddie whispered. I quietly stepped back but stepped on a stick and it cracked. The monster looked back but I ducked under the rock at the last second. I peaked out behind the ridge and saw the dragon facing our direction but didn’t bother to come forward, it just kept walking the opposite direction. “Phew, that was close!” I said.

“Hmmm?” Eddie and Commander said.

“OK sorry!” I apologized, “I should’ve been more careful.

”Yeah you should’ve!” Commander barked. We hid under the rock until there was silence. As we emerged there was a puff of air. We turned around and found the dragon  sleeping literally 5 feet away from us. “O…M…G!” Eddie whispered. We crept away silently but with all the dried leaves and twigs on the floor, it was hard to step quietly. *Crunch, Crunch, Crunch* We kept taking quick glances at the dragon to make sure it was asleep, but when I took my glance, the dragon’s head was 1 foot away from mine. I stood completely still and watched it’s head examine me which is like an ant to the dragon. Soon enough, it stopped staring and advanced to Eddie, I tried to get to Eddie but I was still, paralyzed, I couldn’t move, even if I tried, pain pierced through me as I tried to move. All I could do was wait. My head was the only thing that could move so I looked back and the same thing happened to Eddie, he stood completely still, sweating. Then, the dragon advanced to Commander but wasn’t anywhere to be found.I tried to shout but my mouth was sealed shut. I couldn’t do anything. I turned my head but the dragon also disappeared, how could something more than a ton disappear? 


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