Aud and Johnny Swiss

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Note: If you haven’t read part one and two of this series, go ahead and click out of this and go read the other two stories because then you’ll be super confused on what’s going on in this story and it’s going to be spoil.

“Guys Johnny Cheddar needs serious help.” Jayson cried, pulling Audrey and Edwin Edward the oogle boogle hero downstairs.

“What happened?” Edwin said, almost crying out tears.

“Johnny Cheddar the choo choo train ate Swiss cheese!” Jayson whispered, leaning in to the both of them.

After hearing what Jayson had said, Audrey and Edwin Edward the oogle boogle hero both changed their facial expressions into petrified ones.They all rushed to Johnny Cheddar the train.

“Ahhh!” Audrey and Edwin Edward the hero screamed, jumping.

“Edwin, aren’t you a hero? Go save Johnny Ched- I mean Swiss!” Audrey tittered, pushing Edwin toward Johnny.

“No, I’m a fake hero! I’m just in a costume.” Edwin said, doing the no no tiktok dance.

Jayson leaned down to go search for cheddar in his pocket. Instead, Jayson found Swiss cheese and he ate it.

“Mhm, that’s some good cheese.” Jayson mumbled, standing up again.

Audrey and Edwin Edward the oogle boogle hero were fighting over who was going to save Johnny the train and Jayson sat there doing the why you so obsessed with me tiktok dance. Finally, Johnny Cheddar awoken and got up staring at Audrey. Eat Swiss cheese Audrey. Audrey being super clueless, grabbed the Swiss cheese from Johnny Swiss’s hand and ate it. Suddenly, Audrey turned into Swiss!

“Hello, I’m Aud Swiss and welcome to my world of tiktok dances. The first tiktok dance we are going to learned is the Clicc Clacc dance.” Aud Swiss said robotic like.

Johnny and Aud Swiss both began to do the Savage tiktok dance and Jayson and Edwin pulled in closer and closer together being surrounded by tiktok sounds. Jayson jumped and screamed, “Go go power rangers!”

Johnny Swiss and Aud Swiss then morphed into one and the giant huffed one big fog onto Jayson and Edwin. Then, they vanished into thin air. Johnny and Aud Swiss wondered where they went. The end


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