Quarantine Plans

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During self isolation or quarantine, we are all bored so I decided to make a list of 50 very random and specific things to do because it’s not like someones going to see you. And if you do decide to do these things, text me the things you did and I’ll tell you something.

  1. Learn a dance on Tiktok (it’s actually really fun, I totally recommend it)
  2. Face time friends on a group chat
  3. Face time one friend
  4. Start a zoom meeting with 4 friends
  5. Go outside, turn on your sprinklers and run around drenched
  6. Bake a tiered cake (so it takes longer)
  7. Make two different types of buttercream
  8. Make chocolate ganache to drip it on your cake
  9. Cut the number of slices you have in your house and give one slice to each of them
  10. Clean up your baking area
  11. Blow up 11 balloons and pop them one by one
  12. Clean up the balloon pieces
  13. Text a friend or best friend
  14. Spam a group chat with “iM bOrEd”
  15. Then type “im actually a peep”
  16. Now disappear out of nowhere
  17. Prank call your seventh contact and say “Hi, I would like to order 2 chicken nuggets and three large fries for myself then eat it and buy more please.”
  18. After saying that, end the call and text them “Sorry I thought you were McDonald’s”
  19. Go chair surfing (you get a chair with wheels and basically roll around in the house pretending to surf)
  20. Go out in your backyard and splash water on yourself but make a slow motion Tiktok with a good quality sound that I would approve
  21. When it’s raining ask your mom or your dad if you can go out in the rain for 20 minutes
  22. Jump in large water puddles
  23. Take a 10 minute shower
  24. Then do a whole skin care routine
  25. Make a “youtube” video (it doesn’t have to be great quality) but delete it after you are done so you won’t cringe during your quarantine and wonder why do did this, oh yeah because of Audrey. hehe
  26. Chew 4 pieces of gum in your mouth and attempt to make a gigantic bubble.
  27. If you have stairs in your house, make a slide with blankets and pillows and take a board and slide down
  28. Watch a movie with the chrome extension so you and your friends can watch the same movie at the same time while eating candy and chips
  29. Take funny pictures of yourself but with the camera facing where you look at it and flip the phone around so you can’t see yourself in the reflection
  30. Watch tiktok videos on the For You Page
  31. Excerise for 10 minutes because you have more time to exercise on this list
  32. Eat all three meals in the day because you need food and food is life
  33. Drink lots of water
  34. Play video games
  35. Do extra math homework
  36. read a third of a book (yes count the pages of the book divide it by three and if it doesn’t go into the number then count the words of the page and read it until there hehe I said very specific)
  37. Paint something abstract
  38. Buy new furniture for yourself or the house
  39. Buy LED lights so you can be an amazing tiktoker
  40. Exercise for 45 minutes
  41. Do your school work!
  42. Say “Thank you Mr Kohl” once a week and tell him why
  43. Hug one family member a day
  44. Deep clean something that you own (bedroom, desk, bathroom, etc.)
  45. Go to sleep at 9:59PM so you can say that you didn’t fall asleep at 10PM and fell asleep at 9PM
  46. Make a scrapbook full of pictures with you and your friends
  47. Go online shopping
  48. Everyday list one thing that you wish to happen
  49. Pray at 11:11 AM or PM
  50. And finally, remember to wash your hands often (especially before and after eating and coming from outside), eat healthy/clean so you won’t catch the virus OR get sick, stay six feet away from people, wear a face mask when you go outside, try not to go outside, and have fun being stuck inside with nothing to do! (that’s why I have a list of things to do dummy) :)


  • I already did 14 and 17, but when I called my 7th contact, I realized it was my old phone XD

    • WOWOW BRO hahaha

  • I did 30 and 35 and 47 and 13 and 3 and 4 but I wish I would of never done 30. It was horrible. JK it was okay but I deleted TikTok after one day. I only got it because I wanted to see a pug dressed up and a student writing something weird on a test. Besides that, nice writing.

    • tHaNk yOu sIr aLsO tHaNkS fOr actually reading it *hehe*

  • and by the way who doesn’t take a shower…

  • I did 23 definetly

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