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Do you ever play a board game with your family and then one of your family makes up a rule while playing? I have. Me and my family were playing monopoly when all of a sudden my sister made up a rule. Their are 2 reasons why this is wrong. #1. It is not not fair to the people who played opposite of this rule before. Instead you start the game over or you apply the rule in the next game. #2. When you make a rule make sure to talk about it with your fellow playmates. Don’t make a rule which no one likes/ agrees on. Make sure to follow these rules so you have a good time playing. 


  • I wrote this during the 4 week break all students in Michigan had. I am in 6th grade and I have two siblings. This is one thing me and my siblings argue about when playing board games. We play board games alot due to the break. Thank you for reading this.

  • That happens to me sometimes, I do not play boards games often anymore.

    • You get too competitive! lol

  • Ya, we play lots of board games so this is a common problem.

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