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It was another boring day in the castle of Wistmore. “Oh! How beautiful I am! No one can ever be as beautiful as me!” sang Alice joyfully to herself while brushing her long wavy blond hair. She snapped her attention as she heard a servant say politely from the doorway, “Princess Alice, please dress for breakfast.” Alice pulled a puffy pastel pink gown over head and carefully placed a sparkling silver tiara on her head. Servants abruptly entered the room and quickly placed a plate of strawberry jam cookies and pink lemonade, her favorite. While munching on the crumbly cookies and sipping on pink lemonade, a squat little green frog hung onto the window ledge with its tiny green webbed fingers. Giggling gleefully at the sight of the frog hanging for dear life, she paused before helping it up. “What a stupid little ugly frog you are. Your even uglier than those villagers. Your really lucky, I would have let you fall, but I’m in a good mood today.” she sneered as she picked the tiny frog and set it onto the wood table. The frog hiccuped and burped, releasing a putrid odor. 

“You disgusting, ungrateful frog. How dare you!” Alice yelled, covering her nose with a white handkerchief. The frog continued to stare at her with its bulging black eyes. What a creep, I should have let it die. It’s soo boring here. I should read a book. She thought to herself. Entering her private library, she snatched the Happily Ever After book from the shelf and walked back to her quarters. As Alice flipped through the pages, she moaned in annoyance. “Seriously? Princess Cinderella, Arial, Sleeping Beauty… I already read them.” she said, irritated. Flipping the pages to the last story, she happily yelled, “Aha! I finally found the story. Princess Tiara!” While reading the story, she gasped in awe. “Maybe I can finally have a handsome prince! Only if I kiss this ugly frog.” Alice said hopefully. Picking up its squirming body, she moved the frog to her pink rosy lips.

When she kissed the frog, its body grew bigger and taller. Gasping, her face fell as her eyes set upon a warty green witch.

“Your supposed to be a handsome prince! Eww, you ugly witch!” she screamed a fit, stomping her feet uncontrollably.

“Shut up, you brat!” ordered the witch.

“D-did you call me a brat?” asked Alice, her face shocked. Nobody had ever called her a brat or ever told her to shut up. Everybody told her she was perfect.Who did this witch think she was?

“Yes! I gave you the chance to become a better person, but you have failed horribly.  Now I will take all your beauty and you will see what it feels like to be ugly! I may grant you a wish if you have finally learned how to be kind and generous.” cackled the witch.

Suddenly, the witches matted tangled hair became a wavy beautiful blonde, her skin became smooth with no warts, and all her features look exactly like Alice’s. Alice picked up the mirror in horror. She now looked like the wicked witch. Alice let out a terrified scream. What had happened to her beautiful skin, face, and hair?

“Ahh! Help me! There’s a witch in my room! She’s trying to hurt me.” said the witch smugly. Two knights in shining armour kicked the door open and ran to the witch to assist her.

“No! That’s not me, that’s the witch! I’m princess Alice, not her! She cursed me to look like a witch.” Alice screamed in protest. The guards scoffed and grabbed her arms roughly. They dragged her to the exit and threw her out of the castle. She landed head first into the hard cobblestone path.

After the encounter with the witch Alice was kind and generous to everybody, despite her appearance. The witch loved living in luxury and continued to play the role of princess Alice.


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