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        This image makes me feel angry and worry, more worry than anger to be honest. I feel a sense of anger because I’m wondering why we had to treat our home like this, we should take better care of Earth in my opinion. I feel worried because I’m worried about this Earth, once we finish literally messed up this planet. We’ve ruined a lot of animal’s homes and just to make it into our own, we’ve made a lot more go extinct, and for what reason? I know, we’ve done what we’ve done and there’s no going back, but at least can we stop this from going on anymore. All the pollution we’ve caused in the air and water, the plastic in the ocean that we can’t get rid of, global warming, too much carbon dioxide in the air, etc. People always say, “Stop cutting down trees! Stop using plastic! Don’t drive cars, try walking or biking!” but the problem is, how are we supposed to provide for ourselves? In my opinion, we can cut down trees in a reasonable amount and we can steady, maybe even lower the amount of Carbon Dioxide by maybe turning off lights and machines when we aren’t using them. I really don’t enjoy seeing our Earth’s current condition, as I can see how our Earth is just slowly dying off, slowly, but still dying. The thing is, we might not even have another home or planet to inhabit us, and even if we do, how are we going to treat the next one? Of course, I’m not an environmental expert or anything like that, I’m not usually a very environmental kind of person, but I just wanted to express how I feel towards our Earth and how we’re treating it.

         Another thing this image reminds me of is the virus going around, I’m not really sure how I feel since I can’t be mad at something like a pandemic outbreak. Also, it’s not like we can do much to exactly stop it, except for staying in our houses more often, being aware of our surroundings, and trying to take care of ourselves more, like washing your hands, carrying hand sanitizer and using it more often. I’m sitting here, bored in my house, not being able to see my friends or going outside. For this reason, I wish for this virus to calm down or maybe even die off. But, my biggest problem with this virus is the fact that a lot of people are dying from it and people use this virus as an excuse to offend the Chinese or just Asians in general. Just like when Ebola was around, people were being racist towards African Americans, which I’m really not a fan of.                                                                                                  .

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  • fun fact the co2 emission lowered due to coronavirus and dolphins are coming back in italy

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