Carver Shrouder

        Even before Carver was struck by lightning, he was having a rough life. His dad had died in a sabotaged attack on a boat and his mom was killed by the influenza pandemic.  Carver had no next of kin so he was forced to live by himself. Luckily, he was 18 years of age and was legally allowed to take care of himself.

        The day Carver was struck by lightning, he felt rotten. He could not move a limb for a few days. He was brought to the hospital where he was able to slowly recover.  As soon as he felt human again, Carver thrust himself out of bed and threw his hand out. Suddenly, lightning was summoning around him and he felt charged up. He later realized that he had somehow developed the ability to run at the speed of lightning.

        Carver ran to the witch that lived in the forest and asked her to get rid of his powers. She took sympathy for the orphaned boy and brewed a potion for Carver to drink. Carver held out his hand and a lightning bolt came down from the sky nearly burning the hut. The potion didn’t work. The witch gave him another potion. This time, his speed doubled and he could walk through objects! His new powers were so amazing, he decided he could use his powers to protect his city, Metro Creek.  He no longer considered it a curse.

        His first day with his new powers was filled with excitement. He used his powers to stop a group of armed criminals who robbed banks. When he arrived at the scene of the crime,  he saw why they were so notorious. The seven armed men started spraying him with bullets. He tried to run away, but noticed that the bullets stopped in mid-air. Carver slapped them to the ground and unarmed the men, sending them directly to the police station. On his second trip, Carver wasn’t as lucky. He was struck right in the chest with a tranquilizer dart. He felt drowsy and his surroundings started to blur. His quick healing ability kicked in and he was good as new. This time, Carver made sure he was aware of his surroundings and brought every other thug to the police station.

        After a long struggle to save the city from the robbers, Carver arrived home but noticed that his door was ajar. He used his powers of x-ray vision to search his house. In the guest room, he found his friend Roy tied to a chair. Behind him was a person holding a gun. Carver shot a bolt of electricity toward the guy. There was something different about this guy, he was able to dodge it! He sent a firebolt toward him missing him by a millimeter. The guy then jumped out the window, running out into the night sky. Carver untied Roy and told him his story. 

        Roy and Carver were practically brothers and told each other everything. They met at a young age and coincidentally both lost their parents at a young age. Roy showed Carver that he had ice powers. Roy told him that he also got struck by a lightning bolt. They both shared conspiracies until they agreed that lightning bolts all around the city probably hit people and gave them powers. They made it their mission to find others like them.


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