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-The first teaching resource that I found that would be very helpful in my most recent field placement, a 6th grade literacy skills class is, Quick writes. I would use this to engage the students at the end of the class period on Fridays. The students would have a timed writing period to write a solid paragraph (8-10 sentences) on a picture that I put up on the board. The picture would be something silly that would spark interest in the students. Then I would have them turn and share with a partner. This is something so fun that I think all students would enjoy.This source would provide an amazing opportunity to allow students to creative write and improve other skills. As a literacy skills class students have to type at a certain word per minute so writing these will help improve that skill. The picture would engage the students in the writing while having fun.

-The next teaching resource is somewhat under the same quick writes. When starting a new lesson, I would provide words and pictures and ask students to write anything they knew about them. This would engage students and allow students to be creative and show what they already know. This would also let the teacher know what they should go over more or less. This is a fun way to do this instead of having a pre/post test.

-Another teaching resource gives an idea to do Thank You Letters for someone to express their gratitude towards them. Students would have time to brainstorm and discuss with other classmates about who they would like to write the letter to. After they are done brainstorming and have one person narrowed down the students would write! This will be hand written, at least 3 paragraphs, and checked with the teacher. Then students will re-write the letter with their neatest hand writing  and decorate it in anyway they want. After they are done they will share with in small groups. Then they will have the opportunity to either take the letter to whom they wrote it to or leave it with the teacher and the address it should go to and then would be sent out.

               Write about engages students by creating different ways to be creative writers. They give different topics to write about and how to use 15 min writing in everyday class period to enhance students writing while keeping them engaged. This tool helps motivate kids to write because of the creativeness of the prompts on write about. I think what really make this engaging is the fact that students can share what they write either with the class or online. Write about also gives teacher resources and says, in all most all of them, to have a time limit on writing. I believe this and the creativeness keeps students focused on the task at hand.

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