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                Subject: Corporal Shephard, 22

           Location: Santiego Military Base, Arizona

             Assignment: Search & Rescue

                Corporal Shephard piled in the helicopter, where every soldier was busy arguing on what to do once they arrive.

                “Okay, Goose 7 proceed to LZ and rendezvous with Alpha Bravo Tango. Over!” HQ blasted through the radio.

                “This is Goose 3, copy that HQ,” soldier replied at the other end of the radio.

                “Hey man where are we anyway?” Private Jones said.

                “Well a pilot thought we were headin’ to your mother’s house, heh. So far this all looks familiar,” Sergeant Peterson said.

                “Yeah, what is this all about? Throwin’ ourselves in this hunk and junk and not even tellin’ us where we’re goin’ in for man,” Private Jones blurted.

                “Do you have a problem Private? I will give you your orders when we have reach the LZ. You’ve got that soldier?” their commanding officer yelled.

                “Sir, yes sir!” Private Jones replied.

                Corporal Shephard looked out at the window of the helicopter where he saw a faint building in the distance. He had know idea what he was getting himself into. The officers back at the base didn’t even tell them where they were going.

                “Hey you sleepin’ over there? You want me to fluff your pillow for ya? What is this kind of mission anyway? We didn’t even get a briefing before take-off!” one soldier shouted at the other end of the radio.

                Now every soldier inside the helicopter began to fight over whether they haven’t been properly informed or not. Everyone was too busy fighting that they haven’t seen a large figure approach above the helicopter. The enormous entity later flew to the helicopter fleet on their right. Their commanding officer seemed to notice because he ordered all the soldiers to shut it.

                “Okay, listen up people! We have an extremely hostile situation on our hand,” the commanding officer shouted, with a trembling voice.

                The huge figure from before seemed like a giant manta ray and all of a sudden, deployed a yellow beam which obliterated the helicopter on their far right.

                “Holy! Goose 3 down! Goose 3 down!” the radio screamed.

                “What is going on out there?” HQ yelled through the radio.

                “Watch it Goose 7, you’ve got something coming up on you!” a person on the radio yelled.

                “Recon has not been able to determine the amount of our opposition, so let’s keep this tight,” their commanding officer declared. “Your mission is to get-“

                They were cut by a huge explosion that shattered the helicopter and sent them crashing into walls of the canyons. Corporal Shephard held on while the helicopter dragged him down the deep valley where he met his doom.

                Adrian Shephard woke up with a startle, he was sweating. He turned on the lights of his bedroom and quickly looked at the time. It was 4:54 AM early in the morning. His nightmare was enough to traumatize him, leaving him standing in his bedroom trying to think about what just happened. In a few days, he will have to attend a training to get his rank of Corporal in the Marines.

                “It’s just a dream, it’s just a dream,” he kept telling himself.

                But deep down, Adrian knew that his nightmare would eventually come true.

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