It is important to know where food comes from.

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People should pay more attention to where their food comes from. We eat a lot of food that can come from factories like chips, soup, soda, bread, chicken, frozen pizza, etc. We also eat fast food but, most of the time we don’t know where the meat from our burger or the potatoes from our fries or the cheese on our pizza came from. We eat a lot of animals like chicken, cow, pig, and more. Companies can add things to the animals’ food to make them bigger or fatter so that they make more money. Sometimes burgers from our favorite fast food place are just simply reheated. Food factories might not even clean the machines properly. If you look at the ingredient list of your food you might not even know how to pronounce half of the ingredients, you might not even know what they are. The potatoes that our fries are made of might not even be cleaned before they turn into fries or chips. Our food might not even be fresh! Our health is very important and our health can reflect on what we eat or our food came from. So next time you eat packaged food, etc. look at the ingredient list and try to find out where or what is your food. It is important we know what is in our food and where it came from.

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  • You are very right. I wonder if a side effect of this crisis that people will pay more attention to their food and where it comes from!

    • Thank you! I think you are right because at stores, regular pasta might be gone there is whole grain which is healthier there also a lot more examples.

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