One Fruity Day

        On April 1st, 2020, I went to the store to buy some fruit. When I walked up to the fruit aisle, all the fruit was gone! Except for one pineapple sitting all alone in the corner of the shelf. So I grabbed that one pineapple, and I headed home. But on the way home, it was very awkward. This is what happened. So when I walked out of the store, everything was normal. But suddenly, everybody turned into a bunch of fruit! I stopped and stared for a little, but then I just ignored it all and walked home. But when I opened my front door I turned around and saw all those people just following me! I freaked out so much that I called 911 and said that there was a bunch of random people following me! the police didn’t care at all. So I began to cut up my pineapple and I went into the bathroom so nobody could see me. I was just minding my own business eating my pineapple until I looked in the mirror and found out that I was a pineapple!! I started to freak out again. At that moment when I was freaking out, I opened the door and there was everybody there turned into fruit! For the fourth time, I freaked out. But this time I fainted.

THE END.        

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Post Privacy Published on April 01 | Creativity
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