Honey, don’t wake up the Ads!

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        One cloudy day I was strolling around Main Street Mall and decided to get some WILD WILD CHEESY PIZZA. I ordered two slices of DRIPPIN’ CHEESY PIZZA and one large FROZEN ICY SMOOTHIE. I walked over to the nearest table when I noticed a new WILD WILD CHEESY PIZZA ad. It featured a blue polar bear in the arctic holding a FROZEN ICY SMOOTHIE and a PEPPERONI PARTY PIZZA saying, ” Try and beat the CHEESE.”

        Suddenly, the polar bear burst out of the paper ad and rampaged through the WILD WILD CHEESY PIZZA  restaurant. People screamed in the distance and janitors ran away with their hands in the air. The Geico Gecko burst out of its ad and started screaming, “15 MINUTES CAN SAVE YOU 15% OR MORE ON CAR INSURANCE!” The “Monday.com” man went to shoppers and said,” If you manage a team, you have GOT TO try MONDAY.COM. MONDAY.COM is a website that can track all of your team’s progress!” Post Malone came out of an ad holding BUD LIGHT and Lil Nas X came holding DORITOS. Some random dude was carrying two Coca Cola bottles and said, ” TASTE THE FEELING.” In the distance, I could hear thousands of advertisements.

“I’m Loving It”

“Just Do It”

“Think Different”

“Where’s The Beef”

“Open Happiness”

“Because You’re Worth It”

“A Diamond Is Forever”

“A Breakfast Of Champions”

“Bounty, The Quicker Picker-Upper”

“What’s In Your Wallet?”

“Finger-Lickin’ Good.”

“Obey Your Thirst”

        I was shocked and was frozen in awe. All these ads and characters surrounded me and talked with other shoppers. Then a siren wailed in the parking lot. There was a “No ADs” sign slapped onto the side of the truck. Four people came out of the truck hold immense vacuum-looking firearms.

“Do not fear, Ad busters are here!” said the team leader. The team hurried into the central plaza of the mall and started shooting ads with their heavy artillery. The artillery fired unstable blue balls and vaporized ads and characters, teleporting them to their rightful place. 

“They are escaping!” shouted one of the Ad busters. A nearby gunship deployed motorbikes that chased the Ads. There were Jeeps with turrets mounted on the sunroof. The chase didn’t last that long as a helicopter snatched all the Ads with a giant net. Soon enough, all the Ads were back in their home and the citizens cheered and chanted, “Go Ad Busters!” A CNN News van pulled up on a Fire Lane and clearly missed the sign that read, “No Parking! Fire Lane!”

“Hello everyone I’m Carl Azuz, your anchor for today. We will be looking at this Ad outbreak that happened today at 1:54 PM. Oh! Hey! Sir!”, said Carl Azuz as he tapped my shoulder, ” is it okay if we interview you for the local news?” I accepted because I didn’t want to be rude.

“So what did it feel like when the ads came to life?” said Carl.

“Surprised, shocked, confused,” I said as Carl quickly wrote in his notebook.

“Can you name some of the ads?”

“There was the WILD WILD CHEESY PIZZA polar bear that came to life.”

“Do you have any idea how this may have happened?”


“Well thank you for letting us interview you, have a nice day!”

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  • this is humor right because… hahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahaahahhahahahahahhaahahahahahahahahahaha!

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