The journal of me(caterpillar)

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        I woke up in the middle of my comfy leaf. I went out of my host leaf and to get some breakfast. I found a nice leaf that was grass-green colored and had some spots that looked good. I took 5 bites from it. That tasted better than I thought. After I ate more than 500 pounds, I saw a humungous shadow coming near me. I ran away with my full energy as the shadow still followed me. The huge shadow was from a human that want’s to capture me. In my brain, I felt only one feeling; fear. I dug under the leaf and dropped to the dirt. I hid behind a large leaf and held my breath, then I saw the shadow passed me. I thought that the human will come back, so I still kept my breath. After 5 minutes, I thought it was safe so I came out from the leaf. At the same time, the shadow came back and whipped a jar as I got apprehend in the jar. I fainted with horror and scarness.

        I woke up with strong pain, it took me some seconds to remember where I was and what I was doing. As I remembered everything, in my mind I had a big idea breaking out of here. Firstly, I crawled around and climbed the walls for some information, but there was nothing, it was just transparent glass. I gave up for breaking out so I just stared outside. Then the human who captured me came walking up to me, he opened the lid and threw some fresh lettuce. Then lightning struck me. I thought I should run away now when the lid is open. I climbed the wall as fast as I can but he noticed me and closed the lid. I stopped thinking of escaping and started to eat my meal it didn’t taste even good. I didn’t want to do anything anymore because I knew that there’s no way that I could escape so, I just took a nap. I had a nightmare that night. First, I dreamed me jumping up and down with my friend having fun. Suddenly I felt a little funny emotion like an earthquake. I turned to my friend which wasn’t any more than my friend it was that human trying to catch me. I woke up with sweat all over me, I looked around and took a deep breath nothing had changed from yesterday. Today I had the same day as yesterday. Stare outside, get some food, stare outside, get some meal.  But today at my last meal, I felt something unusual. My body became itchy and I became a tiny greenish cocoon. I lived inside the dark shell as I closed my eyes and slept. I woke up after several days, and my shell cracked like an egg as I dropped out of my cocoon. At first, I didn’t notice anything new. But then, I noticed I had wings!  I was so happy that I  could not stop floating around but still, I wasn’t free. After 30 minutes of thinking, there was a huge earthquake as the jar wobbled of the table and got smashed on the floor.

After the earthquake, I looked around the coast. It was clear so I floated around and escaped from the jar. I went to the direction where I was born. I found my leaf and I came back home safely.

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