The Magical Egg

Imagine one day if you received a packet of egg, each egg has a magical power, how do you use those egg?

The red egg is fire, when you throw it out, it’s going to pop up fire. The blue egg is water, when you throw it to somewhere, it’s going to pop up water. The purple egg is flower, if you throw it on grass, it’s going to grow up flower. The black one is a monster, when you open that, it’s gonna pop up a huge monster. The green one is the grass, when you throw it to somewhere, it’s gonna grow up grass. Last, the Yellow one is one type of animal, it might be as small as a hamster; or it will be as big as an elephants.

One day, I received a huge box of egg. But I never ordered a box of egg like that! I bring it in my house, open it, only six eggs stand by each other. I asked my mom is she did that, she said no. Then what is that? Who order that? what is it used for? That night, I heard the door cracked, I can barely saw it, it’s a man wearing a sports cap. I’m scared, I crawling in my¬†quilt. suddenly, I saw that pack of egg. I got a plan, ran out from my room, throw the egg toward him, and then run to another room to call my parents wake up, they will call the police, at last make my sister wake up. I already make my mind set, all I have to do is follow my mind. I grabbed that packet of egg, throw it to that person, but it seems not what I am think of. I thought it is a regular egg, but it isn’t. I throw that red egg toward that person, he pop up fire! I didn’t thought about that. I have no time thinking about why. I ran straightly to my parent’s room, I shaked their shoulder, they wake up. I told them everything in 10 second. Then they called the police, I then ran to my sister’s room, she is still sleeping, snoring like a pig. It’s so funny, but I know what I’m suppose to do, I lift her quilt up, and then pick her up and ran out to the house quickly. Then I saw my parents come out. After all of my family came out, the police goes into my room. I want to know why the egg pop up fire, so I throw the blue egg to the ground, the magic happens again! It pops up water!

Many years later, I still don’t know why the egg pop up fire? who gives those egg to me? and what is the use for that? What is the power of other egg? But I know one thing, the thief has a really sharp knife. those eggs saved my life, I should¬†appreciate those magical eggs that saved my life.

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Post Privacy Published on April 06 | Creativity
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