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We are stuck at home for who knows how long, people are freaking out and me and a whole generation of people are experiencing this from a 12/13 year old point of view, so of course are view point of this problem is very different from one of an adults. I think that this whole thing kinda sucks, Because first of all people are dying, second we are deprived from are everyday routines, including sports, jobs are schooling, social events, all on hold because this terrible sickness is circling around the globe! Not to mention the fact that are active lives like hanging out with friends and family gatherings or even the actual time people would spend walking or doing sports are also getting shoved back because of social distancing. But I think this might just be what this world needs to get back on track for the world to regenerate and be healthy again, I found out that at this place called the Venice canals right now it is the cleanest it has been in a long time that even dolphins are returning there,all because now there are not any tourists to go and pollute it, and there is all this other news too about places never looking cleaner,also after this I think people are going to be cleaner, restaurants will be cleaner,schools and public places which is just what we need.I do miss being in public places though, being with people that are not just my family. I even miss going to school! But actually, when this is over I want to hang out with my friends get ice cream… Anyway I also miss how I got to see my friends everyday except the weekends and now I may not be able to see them for 2 more months maybe more depending on how long this goes on for. I thrive when I am with people! It is just a fact, But me and my family are coping with it seeking the positive, this event happening has given us all time to be together as a family. Getting to better understand everything and going through it one step at a time together.I think, no I know for a fact that if I didn’t have my family with me during this I would go insane from lack of socialization, it is sad but true! And I am so glad I have my family with me experiencing this all together. I am not any more happy about are current situation as the next person but one thing I know for sure is that the corona has brought many ups and downs for everyone but there is good in everything and I believe this happened for a good reason even if we don’t realize it, God has a plan and we are all part of it. These were all of my thoughts on the corona epidemic and my view of the problem.

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  • Mr Verbeek here,
    Thanks for the great post. I am with you in wondering what the planet will look like once this is all done. I do hope that the world does not go back to what it was, rather, to a new normal. I hope that we see the changes that have happened around us because of us NOT interacting with things. It makes me wonder if God is just doing this, like the flood, to restore us back to something. We have lost focus on SO much. Perhaps he is making us focus on the things that are important!

    Thanks for the post.

  • This is really good, and your right this whole thing kinda sucks.

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