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by : Iris
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Dear Diary,

I used to be terrified of balls; basket balls, tennis balls, soccer balls, bowling balls, watermelons-I actually like eating watermelons, the story of why I’m scared of them is for another time-but I had never heard of a handball.

    One day I was with my friend Sarah, I had told her about my fear of balls so she was trying to help me overcome it. ‘Ahh ball!

“Come on Mary, catch it!” Instead of catching it, I ran aside with my hands protecting my face screaming, “Ahh, ball!”

“Well that’s enough for today,” said Sarah, “I’ll see you again tomorrow?”

“Sure” I replyed uneasily.

This went on for weeks, and every time I got a bit better, until I could catch without flinching. Then, Sarah got me to play basketball, I can’t say I’m as good as Labron James (whoever he is) but I had fun, and since we have to practice it in PE I had a bit of experience. Then she asked me to play handball with her. I had never heard of it-we didn’t have it in my old school-so reluctantly I agreed.

    ‘I am not ready for this.’ The players in the court were crazy, they hit the ball so hard it flew 2 yards far and 5 feet in the air. I had some practice with Sarah the other day but the moment I stepped into the court I was blank, ‘what do I do?!?!’

“Go for it!” Sarah cried seeing my expression. I didn’t hear her though, because I was petrified by the ball flying towards me with angry eyes and fangs. So I found myself ducking under by instinct. “Nice rainbow,” Peggy congratulated me, ‘I did a rainbow! Now I saw that the players weren’t crazy the ball didn’t have fangs and I remembered everything. So when I saw the ball flying towards me yet again, I went for it and landed a hit.

    Now, I am not afraid of balls and I join Sarah in the court every now and then. I missed a lot because of my fear of balls, but now I can make up for it. Oh, Sarah’s calling, we’re going to the park to play handball. It’s a good thing she also inspired me to write a diary.

As always,

From, Mary

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