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        Minecraft creepers usually have a pixelated body covered in a range of greens to whites and four legs. It is not affected by sunlight like zombies and skeletons but eventually it will despawn after a big while. All day and all night, it will always remain hostile. This makes it always a threat because it silently roams all around the Minecraft world, searching for an unknown player to explode upon. Regular creepers are one of the main antagonists of the whole game and one of the most iconic hostile mobs found. A player can easily recognize them by its tall vertical structure. A player’s only warning to when the creeper is about to explode is by a very distinctive hiss, as well as the swelling and white flashing of the creeper itself. They will blow up if they come close to a player or if you go near them on survival mode. If you have a chance, you can ignite them and they just blow up. When they explode and you don’t run away fast on survival mode, you die in the game and you will have to come back alive. Everything around a creeper also blows up if they explode and it will leave a very big crater. On creative mode, when creepers explode, it won’t hurt the player. A creeper that has sighted a player will chase them down until the distance is only a few blocks. If you try to move away when a creeper is hissing, it will cancel the detonation. It is important that they tend to walk to the right of a random player. It takes three full seconds for a creeper to detonate. Sometimes, they may drop gunpowder. When Skeletons kill creepers, they drop music discs. Green creepers don’t use doors, but they can climb ladders and vines, unlike other mobs. Also on creative mode, you have 65 creeper skulls you can add to your inventory. In some rare occasions, you can see creepers that glow with lightning. That will only happen if they are struck with lightning. Charged creepers have a larger blast radius than a regular green creeper. When they are charged, they also have an electric aura surrounding them. But usually, you can’t spawn glowing creepers. If you get creative mode, you can spawn regular creepers anywhere. It is always going to be the same height as your player in Minecraft. A creeper has 20 health points and 10 hearts for health. In Minecraft, you can find creepers mostly in Overworld biomes in light levels of 7 or less. You can kill a creeper by continuing to hit it with anything you have. You need to inflict 20 points of damage to the creeper. A enchanted, powerful trident can kill a creeper the fastest. Big Wither Bosses also try to kill creepers. Creepers usually come out and are active at night. Once a creeper spawns in the dark, they can survive in the daylight. Minecraft allows you to be very creative so if you have a special app, you can color the creepers any color you want and can make different special creepers. 

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