The Flame

Your story starts here.

                        I was always a strange person. My entire life was a lie to everyone one she loved. The only people that knew was my family. She was treated badly when I was little. My brothers would all way tease her and her parents didn’t love her. When I was seven her family moved to a beautiful Factor with a home on top. This is where my dad worked but then a witch chased it in the sky, so we lived by our selfies. I was the only person to be able to leave but she couldn’t until she was eighteen. It was a big house and lots of room, but she still lived in the attic. Every morning, afternoon, and evening I would work and cook for everyone and at the end she would eat the leftovers. 

        “Today is the best day ever!” I yelled out loud. Today is my eighteenth birthday. I was go to leave and NEVER come back. I ran down stair with her suitcase.

       “Hey freak, where are you going?” Ethan (her brother whose 3 years younger than her) asked.

        “I’m leaving.” I replied. I started to walk to the front door when my mother and father walks in.

        “And where do you think your going?” They announced in unison

        “I leave you mean people and NEVER coming back!” I yelled and started to run when her other brother Zeus whose 5 years younger ran in front of me.

        “You can’t leave!” He declared, stopping me.

        “It’s my 18th birthday today and I leave, now get out of my way!” I yelled, and when I  said that my parents looked at each other with worried looks. In that moment I decided to fly for it. I spread  my feathers and fly off, never looking back. I will travel the world. They are just jealous that I am a beautiful blue and white phoenix and can fly away and some other cool things.  I thought to my self. It felt really great to finely feel the wind in my wing. The sun was starting to set, so I flew down into the forest and walked to the closest village. I walked through the streets to find a hotel. I pasted some dark alleys and shop until I came to a hotel. It was a strange place because so far I saw no one, but you knew its night time. When I walked in the person in front desk greeted me.

        “Hello my friend, how may I help… He stopped when he saw my feathers. “G-g-get out, freak!” He yelled, pointing out. I walked off with my head down. I flew off into the dark sky. I started to cry, so I flew to a cloud and cried my self to sleep. When I woke up I way in a cloud city. There were phoenix people everywhere. 

        “Where am I?” I asked to my self nut out loud

        “Your home, your one of us now Abigail.” I elder looking man walked up to me.

        “How do you knew my name?” I asked

        “I am your grandfather.” He smiled at me.