The Crash

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        “I love the smell of the airport,” my brother sighed.

        “I don’t understand anything about you.” my sister said.

        “Well duh,” my brother spat back. “You’re not me.” I rolled my eyes and kept walking. I could hear them fighting behind me.

        “Hey Mom,” I looked up. “When’s our flight?” She bowed her head.

        “Your father would know that, if he was still here.” My Dad, Michael Rich Alanson, left us last year. He just disappeared with his ex-girlfriend. I saw it out my window, but I haven’t told Mom yet. “I believe we depart at three,” she said. We walked up to the baggage desk and loaded our suitcases. We had a lot, so it took a while. Ryder, my brother, wouldn’t put his on.

        “I don’t want to move,” he whined. Ella, my sister, had to grab it from him. They began arguing again. We walked over to our gate and waited for our flight.

        When three o’clock came, we boarded the plane. Mom and Ryder got to sit in first class, while Ella and I sat in Business. She began to watch a movie as soon as we got to our seats.

        “Ella, you should wait.” I told her. Surprisingly, she took of her headphones and paused the movie. She started blabbing on and on about something I didn’t pay any attention to. Before I knew it, I was asleep.

        I woke up to an announcement:

        “Everyone, please buckle your seatbelts. This plane is low on fuel, so we are going to have to make an emergency ocean landing. Flight attendants will come around and lower the rafts. Stay calm.” The cabin was silent; everyone was holding on to their loved ones. I looked over at Ella, who was still watching the movie.

        “Hey Ella, you heard what the Pilot said, right?” She nodded and turned of her movie.

        “I’ve always wanted to die in a plane crash,” she said calmly. The people behind us screamed.

        “FIRE!” they shouted. I unbuckled my seatbelt and began to run. I broke a window and jumped out…

        I shook the bad dream away. Nothing like that was going to happen on our flight today, besides, Dad’s still here. In the dream, it felt like I had really lost him.

        Later that day, we stopped at Starbucks and got hot chocolate to take on the plane. Ryder finished his before we even got back outside. He then complained that the amount in his cup was too small, and he wanted mine. I licked the cup and offered it to him.

“Humph,” he sniffed. I smirked and took a sip. I decided to save what was left for the plane.

When we got to the airport, I scrolled through my phone while waiting for our gate to open. Finally, we got on the plane. About halfway through the flight, I heard someone scream. I could smell smoke too…


  • the smell of the airport?

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