Corona Virus is a deadly virus that started infecting people in late December in Wuhan, China. Over the past several months, it has spread all over the world, infecting and killing many people. In the first few months, it wasn’t as fatal. China was able to contain the pandemic and the world didn’t think that it would become this deadly.  However, according to Wikipedia, by April 6 it had killed over 74,000 people and infected millions. Luckily over 276,000 people have recovered and nursed back to good health. Densely populated cities like New York have been heavily affected. Hospitals have been running out of vital supplies like masks and ventilators. People have been advised to stay at home and the CDC has recommended that everyone wear masks when going outside and to stay at least 6 feet away from other people in order to avoid spreading the virus. Many famous people such as Kevin Durant, Boris Johnson and Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister’s wife, have been infected.

       Since the Corona Virus is a new virus, doctors and scientists know very little about it. So far we know it is a respiratory virus and that people with weak immune systems are most vulnerable to it. This virus causes COVID-19, which causes symptoms such as fevers, coughs and other pneumonia-like symptoms. There is currently no cure for this deadly virus, but scientists worldwide have been working on one. To create a possible cure, scientists have to get antibodies from people that have recovered from the coronavirus. Making a cure this way is very hard and may not even work! Cures for pandemics are hard to produce and require a lot of time.

        Some people have been quarantined inside military facilities and can not leave until they are tested negative for the coronavirus. If they are tested positive, they must be quarantined for longer until they recover. A Cruise ship called the Diamond Princess had to quarantine people for about 2 months and just released them recently. Another effect has been racism against Asian people. People have threatened to kill Asian people and President Trump called this the “China virus” but claims it’s not racist at all. “It comes from China, that’s why,” Trump told reporters. Some other names of this virus are Wuhan Virus and Kung Flu. A U.S. Senator named John Cornyn, a Republican from Texas said he thought “China is to blame” for the illness. At a tourist hotspot in Vietnam, owners placed a sign outside their restaurant saying, “We can’t service for Chinese, SORRY.” Other places have refused to serve Chinese guests, according to The New York Times. There was also a case near a Sam’s Club where a 19-year-old attacked an Asian-American family.         

        COVID-19 has also affected important events like sports games and political events. Most schools globally have closed and non-essential businesses have been closed. Many people have lost their jobs and have filed for unemployment benefits. Over the past weeks, the stock market has gone down but fortunately, it has started to go up! Airline companies especially have been losing money and have been firing their workers. Many stores and restaurants are losing business because people are avoiding them. In order to stop the spread of this virus, we must work together and follow orders.

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