Do You Copy?

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by : Ryan
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                “Oi, stay behind me,” the commander hissed.

                “Y-yes, sir…” the soldiers chattered.

                A task force was sent to White Forest for a search and rescue mission. A group of scientists mysteriously disappeared after going on a camping trip. For the past few months, incidents occurred in White Forest, so there have been plans to shut down the place.

                “Did our officers tell us what exactly we’re dealing with?” asked one of the soldiers.

                “I will tell you when we get there,” the commander replied harshly.

                The squad trudged through the dense forest, being cautious of their surroundings. Suddenly, something rustled in the bushes right next to them. The soldiers pointed their rifles at shaking bush, ready to fire if necessary. The commander slowly crept near the bush and pushed the leaves aside only to find a fox.

                “Ugh, that one got me,” a solder said, glaring at the fox.

                As the soldiers went deeper into the forest, the quieter everything became. They were about to give up on the mission when they spotted an abandoned radio tower, the antennae’s red light was still flickering. Right next to the tower was a radio station. 

                “Alright, you guys stay here, an officer and I will go check that place out,” the commander said.

                The soldiers stood guard of the radio station while the commander and the officer attempted to look around. The commander found an old radio and a headset with a mic. The officer found an empty pizza box and a quarter-full bottle of soda, but then he found something interesting. There was a note that was ripped off of a piece of paper. The ripped note showed only one word which said “We.”

                Unexpectedly, the officer rushed to the commander and said, “This place is cursed, we have to get out of here…”

                “Hey, hey, hey take it easy,” the commander said. “What makes you think that?”

                “I-I-I,” the officer whimpered but before he could respond to the commander’s question, he took off.

                “HEY!” the commander yelled. “GET BACK HERE NOW!”

                The commander ran outside to get the officer but he was long gone. Most of the soldiers were gone too, there was only one soldier who was lying on the floor, petrified.

                “You!” the commander said. “What happened here?”

                “It-it came f-f-for them…” the soldier stammered.

                “What do you mean?” the commander shouted.

                Abruptly, the soldier started shaking violently then fell unconscious. The commander panicked and ran back to the radio station to contact help.

                “Hello? This is Task Force Bravo! We have a hostile situation here, send some help!” the commander shouted into the radio. “I repeat, this is Task Force Bravo and I need reinforcements due to a hostile situation, do you copy?”

                Behind him, there was a dark figure approaching him slowly. The commander looked back, drew his rifle and started firing. Unfortunately the bullets had done little to no damage at all. When the figure came closer, the radio suddenly left a message from an unknown person. The words repeated, “18018200263.” As the figure approached, it held out its hand and swiped it to the left. The commander was lifted up and slammed into a wall where he got knocked out. The figure dusted his suit and approached the radio. It grabbed the mic off the commander and said into the radio, “Copy that.” It then walked away into the deep forest where no one ever saw him again.

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