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On the first day of second grade I met someone who would change my life forever. I had a classmate named Hannah. I always noticed her but we never talked muh. She was really only another stranger to me.   When our field trip to the discovery cube came along. I sat with another friend of mine at the time. When we finally arrived at our destination we were put into groups I was groped with Hannah and a few other classmates. Now we went from activity to activity, but there was this one activity where we went grocery shopping and there only was there were only a few carts so we had to share one cart with our entire group. Now there only were a few jobs to do and I felt like felt like I was doing nothing so I started complaining. But Hannah said you shouldn’t complain and if anything she should because she was doing nothing. (But honestly looking back at it now that we both had something that was pretty good). No we had a whole argument about this and went went on for a couple of minutes until one of the supervisors split us up. I stayed away from her the rest of the day. It did make my day a little more miserable though. Finally when we were done with the field trip I sat with my bestie and she told me all about her day and I sounded way better than mine. I just sat there the entire time listening very silently thinking not about her stories but about how bad I was yelling at someone. That night I didn’t sleep well. In the morning I talked to my Mom and Dad about it and they said I should say sorry when I see her for school the that very day. In the begging I didn’t want to but in the end when I got out of the car and walked the rest of the way up the field through the black gate with my Mom I decided I will. No w in the begging of the day we always sat down on the carpet and did something. Now when the door opened I went into eh classroom and looked for Hannah after a while I finally found her. When I got up to her she was about to say something but so was I. I said she could go first but then she was like no no you, but I was like no you and finally in the end I said sorry but apparently that’s what she wanted to say to. After a while we started hanging out and I hung out with her and another really nice girl but she moved somewhere else later on.Now I never asked or anything neither did she but after a while I think by then you could definitely say that we are besties. Although we do have a problem about being besties she’s just way to nice honestly. Like Hannah if you’re reading this please just let me open the door for you and YOU GO FIRST OKAY???? Now if you don’t know if you’ve met your bestie yet than got through these things, If you answered yes to all than you have officially found you bestie:                                                                                                                              1.You’ve had dinner at your besties house

2. You’ve had a sleepover with your bestie

3. you’ve seen them get yelled at by their parents at least once

4. Facetime each other whenever something amazing happens in you life

5. You’ve had a fight about literally completely nothing! But then made up for it

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