The Missing Link: Chapter 1

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by : Iris
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There was once a kingdom called Pasgania. It was a magical kingdom divided among three nations: the animals, fairies, and kaninas.

They lived in peace for millenniums unified under one kingdom, until the youngest species of the animal kingdom waged war. The humans were

destroying all the wonderful places in the Pasganian kingdom. So the fairies created another beautiful world just for the humans, but they wouldn’t listen.

So the kaninas kidnapped two humans named Adrian and Evelin and brought them to the new world called earth along with half the animal population and a

kanina named Darriel who stayed there to take care of them. The fairies, kaninas, and animals all worked together to defeat the humans.

The Pasganians have been living in peace ever since.

Chapter 1

It was Easter and Ava still hadn’t hidden the eggs for her brother’s party! She had overslept after hand painting them all last night, so she grabbed the box and ran to the backyard putting the eggs in the hiding spots she had thought of the day before. ”Ava come eat breakfast, the children won’t mind waiting for you to hide the eggs.” called Ava’s mom. ’Of course they won’t mind,’ thought Ava, her mom never had and never would understand how 7 year old boys work. She still hadn’t figured out that Liam has been playing in the park before walking home, and he comes home 2 hours late. Ava pulled out an egg to put it in the bush, then realized it wasn’t one of the eggs she painted, instead it was an aqua blue and seemed to shimmer in the sun. She examined the egg and found a small calligraphic print ’Eat the egg in private, we need to talk.’ Ava wasn’t sure what it meant so she stashed it in her pocket for safe keeping, then went back to hiding eggs. ”Mom you should wake up Liam, doesn’t he need to eat breakfast before the party?”

”You’re right I’ll go wake him up, finish hiding the eggs quickly; you know where the cereal is,” Replied Ava’s Mom. ’And prepare for an attack,’ thought Ava.

        Ding-Dong ’In comes the first wave’ thought Ava, Liam rushed to the door and got soaked by Adam’s water gun. They both cracked up like it was the funniest thing in the world, “No water guns in the house.” Said Ava


“We’ll be back in a few hours” Said Adam’s Mom, Adam agreed, but of course the moment they closed the door Liam and Adam had their water guns ready, and soaked Ava all the way through.

“Outside, NOW!!!!” Ordered Ava and they both ran outside snickering. Right at that moment as if on queue Ava’s Mom walked in, “I thought I told you no water gun in the house!” Scolded Ava’s Mom, Ava knew better than to argue so she apologized and went upstairs to change. When Ava finished changing her clothes, she sat down on her fluffy blue rug and and tried to remove the cover for the egg but it wouldn’t come off. She squeezed it and scraped it and ripped it apart but it wouldn’t open, Oh well, thought Ava and went downstairs to help her mom.

Check in tomorrow for the next chapter!

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