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        “They said there were no boats out!” Kaylin questioned

        “I heard that too, but there is a boat.” I replied, pointing to the boat on top of the water.

        “Here, Here, Mermaids” The old crazy guy whispered, while holding a lamp over the water.

        “He is here for us!” I whispered to Kaylin.

        “How do you know?” Kaylin asked, which I guess she did hear him.

        “Because he said so.” I replied. We started to swim away when I was stopped. I couldn’t move and eventually it started to squeeze.

        “Kaylin help me!” I yelled, she didn’t hear me and swam off. I tried to get out but couldn’t the guy had me! He started to pulled me up. 

        “Haaa, Yes oh yes, this will do.” His word echoed in my ears.

        “What are you going to do with me?” I asked, he just looked at me like I said something crazy. I guessed that human can’t understand mermaids. The old man took me to shore and pulled me to his truck I tried to escape but he was to strong. I looked out the window and tried to memorize the path so when I escape. I fell asleep after what I thought was 30 minutes. When I wake up the truck stopped. Then, the trunk open and a young boy and the old man was standing there. They pulled me to the house I expected to be where they lived. Then they went to the truck and I was left alone. There was one thing they didn’t knew its that when I am dry and can turn to a human. I looked around to find towel. There was a towel right next to me! It was perfect. Almost to perfect?

        “Hello” A voice called

        “Who was that, who there?” I asked

        “Hi, I’m Amber” A little girl stepped out in from of me

        “What do you want from me?” I asked stepping slowly backwards

        “I’m one of you” She replied. I looked at her in questioned expression, then she took a glass of water and splashed it on her. In that second she turn into a mermaid! I child mermaid!

        “W-w-who are you?” I asked

        “You young sister!” She ran up to me and gave me a big hug. Then, I saw it. A bright gold treasure. It was around her neck. It looked just like mine around my neck. This isn’t possible! I told myself. And how did they know which mermaid. Like Kaylin could have swam into the net.

        “The necklace you have?” I asked pulling it to mine.

        “Yes, you see the net was enchanted to find the thing I love most.” She replied “can I come with you back to the ocean?”

        “Yes!” I replied. Later we drove back to the ocean and swam away.





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  • It was nice, but I didn’t really understand the ending.

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