King Arthur’s behind story (Fun)

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        Once upon a time, there was a man called Luke Skywalker. He was a very strange but special man. He had a son named Arthur. Arthur was weak that every kid who lives by his neighbor called him “weak beak”. He could not join anything about the sport. However, he had a dream. The dream is to become a king of Whole Europe. His dream was clear so nobody could stop him.

        Mr. Skywalker looked at the newspaper and started laughing and suddenly he mumbled.      

        “If someone draws the sword in the rock, he will be the king? Haha, that is funny!” and suddenly, Arthur came down from his room and started reading the newspaper.

       “Is this real dad? You can become king if you draw that sword? I would like to try it.” Arthur said with a hopeful voice. Arthur was interested in this so he initiated packing up. Suddenly dad came up to his room and said,

        “It is just a lie. You can never become king with that brain. Don’t go or else you will mess up this country” and Arthur replied.                                                                          “At least I try. Dad, I can become a king. You know I dreamed about this. Please… Let me go!” Arthur ran out of the house and started running. His dad was chasing Arthur. Arthur caught one taxi and said to the taxi driver.

        “Please go to where the sword called Excalibur is. Quickly!” and the taxi driver was complaining.                                                                                                                  “If you say ‘quickly’ again, I will not drive you there,” he said with an angry voice. Arthur seemed not scared.

        “After about two hours later, they had arrived. He saw the Excalibur plucked into the huge rock. But by that time, his dad Luke skywalker came to Arther.                                                                                                                                                                                                    “If you run away from me again, I have to chase you again. However, you have already arrived. Now… draw that sword and become a king. Haha.”. Arthur went close to the rock and hold the sword and the sword did not come out. He tried again but it was still.

to be continued…

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