Am I a fruit or not? Will I become a fruit or not?

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by : Zara
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I wonder if humains will become a fruit. If I would be a fruit I would definitely become a kiwi or a pineapple. Now let’s get to the real subject! So what will happen the day that everyone turns into a fruit?

Good question I have absolutely know clue what will happen or even if the living of fruit humains will eventually existe. Let’s imagine a couple of things shall we. So the day that everyone will become a fruit, of course not EVERYONE will be a different fruit that would be insane! There would probably be 1,0000 cousins, sisters, brothers, ants, and uncles that would be the same fruit!

Well if all the citizens of our world became fruit, why waste money on food, why don’t you just bite your finger off! It would be a lot less difficult. You would only be using money on bread, Nintendo switches, phones, and houses.

Everyone would also be bumping into each other on the bus, and everyone would be squishing their fruit juice into each other’s faces. That wouldn’t be very practical.

All I wanted to say was be aware of what might happen if your futur kids start being round, and blue as a blueberry!


  • What fruit would you guys be?

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