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by : Cara
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How do I explain this? these were… im thinking of a word… tough times since im not allowed to curse. I mean 6th grade was like the only good year in middle school. If im talking about socially i mean thats the good part. grade wise might have been absolutly or however you spell it terrible. I was a mess in some classes. I cannot remember what classes I was failing in but i remember Mr. West ,Mrs.T, and Mr. Dubbink being in my face about my grades for there class or my overall class. Once 7th grade rolled around thats when everyones hormones were going crazy and everyone was trying to figure out who they were and experimenting on things and all that totally fun pre-teen stuff. I was a complete mess there. I only passed because Mrs.gill belived in me! Like what! Im lucky I might be going to highschool! im lucky that i was not a 7th grader this year. But still 7th grade I was a backtalker, drama starter ,disrespectful kid. ouch I kind of just hurt my own feelings. But anyway I never did any work or turned in any hard assignments, me and me mom were even fighting at home alot at one point. Rarely but sometimes it got physical. Im lucky that the quarentine happened and I got my dogs, lyla,bubba, and my mom. Since im an only child I had no choice but to hang out with my mom. I never had a problem with it. I was very stubborn in 6th and 7th grade but then 8th grade kicked me in the booty. im so lucky all were getting is credit to be honest. I mean I guess I might miss middle school but I dont know. I wouldnt do it again but I also wouldnt take it back. If somehow magically I didnt do middle school by choice which would never happen I would have missed out on all the important lessons I learned and all the things I learned about people who I thought were something else. I would have been hurt in the long run if I did not learn it earlier. I am still keeping in contact with my favorite teachers. I am glad to leave but I would not take it back.


** If I did not put the symbol thing that I forgot the name of when spelling… dont , wont, cant , havent, those kinds of words is becaused the symbol key for those words has to be pushed super hard on to give me 1 of these” <– and if i do push really hard it only gives me these –> ยด which I have no idea why.**

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