The Love Questions

Love like hate is a very strong word. But without love what kind of world would we live in? Could we live in such a world? Should we have to? How could we survive in such a world? But however, those are not the love questions we are talking about. The following is a poem of questions that might go through your head as you want to tell someone you love them.

What if I told you I love you

Would you say it back

Could you say it back

Have you ever thought that you might love me

You have hated me have you loved me

But will you love me

Can you love me

If you can’t where do I stand

If you love me would you tell me

What if you didn’t love me

If you can’t

where do I fit in your life

Do you even want me in your life

Do you even love me

Do I even actually love you enough in

The questions we ask our selves before we can tell someone we love them can turn to the point of us not knowing if we even love them.

If you love someone don’t ask your self questions until you have rethought if you actually love them. We are our biggest fear because we make the person’s responses in our own heads. What if they do love you but they are asking themselves the same questions until they rethought asking you. We cannot live in our heads for our whole life. we have to get out of our heads to truly live life. Our heads are the training wheels that hold us back from the best experiences in our lives. We all need to get loose and learn to live without rethinking our selves. Every time you don’t think you can do something remember its all in your own head. If you say that you can you would increase the things you do and do them way better than you already are. If you love someone tell them immediately if they love you they will say it. But if they don’t that is one more thing you did do. And they just might come around if you give it time.



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