What to wear if you were the fashion police

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by : Ila
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If you were the fashion 👮🏻‍♀️for a day, you couldn’t wear 👗. You can’t wear 👗because it is harder to go to the bathroom with a dress. Also, you have to wear ⚫️🔵and 🟣. You have to wear dark colors because dark is the new bright. You can wear anything, just not bright colors and not dresses. It’s okay to wear tiedye, but you can only use 🔵🟣and ⚫️. Makeup is fine, but it has to be either dark or natural. Face paint is fine, but no bright colors. For face paint, it needs to be spooky. Now you know that you can’t wear dresses, you have to wear dark colors, you can only have dark or natural makeup, and only spooky face paint if I were the fashion police.

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