New Pet

My pet is a moss ball named him Mossy . She can roll, jump, talk, and read tons of books. Plus, I figured she was 5 years old and that means next year she’ll have babies! Then I will have more moss balls than ever! I think my friends will love them, but I would like to keep for my own.

Mossy insists that she needs only a little bit of water every day and she be fine. Mossy is the best pet ever! I found her by the river and, at first, we were both startled. Then, Mossy rolled into the bushes.  “Wait! Come back!” I cried.

This is how we came to meet. She was hiding in a tree hollow nearby. I whispered quietly to her, “It is okay. I will not hurt you, little one,” I promise. “Even though you are mysterious.”

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Post Privacy Published on August 17 | Creativity
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