What does each season sound like writing composition. (Example)

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Spring sounds like life is being reborn. It sounds like birds chirping. It sounds like water flowing in rivers. It sounds like school bell ringings. It also sounds like bees buzzing from flower to flower

Summer sounds like children splashing in water. It sounds like bike wheels going fast on the sidewalk. It sounds like children laughing and playing tag. It sounds like fireworks on the Fourth of July. It sounds like hot dogs on a barbecue grill.

Fall sounds like leaves falling to the ground. It sounds like fire crackling in a fire pit. It sounds like crunchy leaves when you walk on it. It sounds like football fans cheering. It sounds like people sipping pumpkin spice coffee.

Winter sounds like nothing stirring outside. It sounds like people singing Christmas carols. It sounds like wind blowing that chills the bone. It sounds like icicles falling to the ground.It sounds like gifts opening on Christmas morning.

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