The Spell (Ch 1)

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by : Jane
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        “Aquila, over here!” Ambrose whisper-shouted from behind a food stand. Aquila dashed over and her brothers made room for her to squeeze through. They were hiding because they had special powers. And somebody had found out.

                                                                                                                            *     *     *     *     *

        “THEY’RE WITCHES!” Sir Polan cried while pounding the table with his fists. 

        “THEY SHOULD BE BURNED!” Sir Elocav screeched in reply. Everyone at the dinner table raised their mugs and cheered. The king raised up his hand and everyone quieted down in an instant. 

        “If anyone finds these kids, bring them here and you will be rewarded greatly. Start putting up boards,” he informed them, giving each person a stack of wooden squares. “Carve into them with these words: {Wanted: Three siblings: one girl, two boys. Traveling together. Reward: 600 silver coins}.”

        “Yes, my lord,” everyone bowed. All the knights and nobles who were given the boards mounted their horses and took off towards the town.

                                                                                                                        *     *     *     *     *

        Cyprian, Ambrose, and Aquila peeked out from behind the stand. 

        “Is it safe to move now?” Aquila interrogated. Ambrose nodded and they sidled away from the stand, making sure no one saw them. They slinked along the ground, occasionally ducking when a people riding on horses strolled by. 

        “Uh oh,” Cyprian yelped. They all looked up the paved ground to see a crowd of nobles riding on horses. They were carrying wooden boards with words carved into them. 

        “Hide!” Ambrose commanded. 

        The three magical children ran as fast as they could to the nearest tree they could find. 

        “Now, Aquila!” Ambrose called. Aquila lifted her head up to stare at the tree, and suddenly the branches grew bigger. New leaves spread accros the baren branches, building a perfect hiding spot. They all scrambled up the tree, sheltering themselves with the bushes of leaves around them, just as the horses trotted past. 

        “Hey, wasn’t that tree smaller?” a noble on a chestnut-colored horse asked, a bewildered look on his face. 

        “Eh, I bet it just grew a bit more today, trees do that, you know?” another noble replied. 

        “Aye, let’s not think much of it, for we have a job to do,” a knight on a black and chocolate-brown horse declared calmly. The horses all rushed past the tree, and none of the nobles or knights took notice of it.

        “Phew, that was close,” Cyprian let out a breath. 

        “Hey, I have an idea,” Ambrose snickered. “Aquilla, make that tree in front of the men on the horses grow longer and make it block their way.”

        Aquilla did what he asked, and all the men stopped. 

        “Wh-what just happened?” One of the nobles squealed like a 2 year old. 

        “Men, turn back! These trees are haunted!” One of the soldiers in the lead roared over his shoulder. The horses turned and trotted back the way they came. 

        “We did it,” Ambrose cheered. “They’re gone! Let’s go somewhere safer.” The three kids lowered themselves out of the tree and ran into the forest. 


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