The Man with Branch Wings

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        It was a normal day, well for me at least. I went to school, came home, did homework, then went to bed, and did that all over again. Everyone thought I was normal, no one really knew me that well. I guess that was because I had no friends. I wasn’t a nerd or anything I was just shy. Little did they know where I actually came from. See my mom was a truly amazing artist. She and my dad had always wanted kids. So using her skills she made one. Your probably like, huh? Well she carved me from wood, of course she disguised me using, well I don’t know. She had a friend that was a mutant, gifted with magic. He cast a spell on me, now I am somehow alive. Yet that is not all, someone found out about this and was jealous. She forced my mom to tell her but my mom refused, she didn’t want the word to get out about me not being human. As a consequence to not giving the lady the info, she kidnapped me, then shot my mom. I was 6 back then, I don’t really know what had happened to my dad. Maybe he was looking for me, maybe he was still grieving for my mom after 11 years. Maybe he is mad at her and wants nothing to do with me. Anyway, enough with my past, it was my 18th birthday today, little did the people that kidnapped me know about that. I had totally forgot that if I was normal I was supposed to grow wings. It was a normal day for me, I hadn’t celebrated my birthday since I was 2, that was when I was kidnapped. My kidnapper was always home making sure I did not escape. She would make mw take care of the house and pay half of the bills. I had my own room, but that was because she did not like me very much. After school I went home and lay on my bed, that was when it happened. I felt excruciating pain all over my back. It lasted for so long. Then it was over and I thought nothing of it. So I lay in my bed for a while. Then it was time for me to make dinner, somehow I walked through the doorway with no problem at all, then I saw my kidnapper, her name is Sienna by the way. When she saw me she screamed and told me about my wings. I was freaked out. How did this happen, I am not even mortal? I skipped class that day, and never went back, the only place I ever went was behind some dumpsters where no one could see me. Sienna was ashamed, she was embarrassed that she ever kidnapped me. I wanted answers, but I had no clue where to get it from, my mom was dead and I have no clue where my dad is?!  Sienna started to make me sit with my hands tied on a stool in a blank room. That is how my life got ruined. 

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Post Privacy Published on September 14 | Adventure & Fantasy
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