The Talent Show

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by : Ila
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Hey… Remember Luna from The Cursed YouTube video? Well, she is in this post today! Let’s get to it. Once, Luna was at school, and the students were spreading hype about the talent show! They were like, “OMG! Will I win?” and “What is the prize?” The prize was your talent appearing on Saturday Night Live! Everyone, well, everyone except Luna, had a talent they would like to show. Luna said “How can I appear in the talent show without a talent?” She ran to her locker, and thought. (and thought and thought and thought). She couldn’t think of anything. She sulked. There was nothing that she could think of, and nothing thought of her. She sat down and thought all afternoon, and still, she couldn’t think of anything. :( She tried to get help, but she was too tired. Suddenly, she saw her crush! “Hi Kevin!” she said. She asked him “Can you help me find a talent?”

Kevin said “Yes. Do you want it to be cool?” She nodded her head. Kevin said “How about you perform a song with your band?” Luna replied “Yes! But which song?” Kevin said “I liked Believe In Yourself.” She stammered “B-but how can I remember the lyrics?” Kevin replied “Since it was my favorite, I know the lyrics by heart. Let’s practice after school. Also, meet me at my house.” After school, Luna walked to Kevin’s house. He gave her the lyrics. He sang the first verse. “Sometimes you think you’re weak or slow, but everybody says you’re not. You answer ‘no’ and walk away, but your friends say ‘Come back.’ ” She repeats “Sometimes you think you’re weak or slow, but everybody says you’re not. You answer ‘no’ and walk away, but your friends say ‘Come back.’”They keep singing, verse after verse, until they finish the whole song. Luna wrote a piece of paper that had the lyrics. Kevin says “Have a nice day. Remember: Practice in the auditorium starts tomorrow.” The next day, Luna was practicing in the auditorium. “Sometimes you think you’re weak or slow…” she sang. When she went home, she looked at the calendar in her room. “2 days until the talent show!” she said. Easter came and went. The next day… back to school. She walked (as usual) and she went to practice. She sang, and sang, and sang. She was sooooo excited! She saw her crush… AGAIN! “How’s it going?” he said. Luna said “Good. Tomorrow is the talent show!” The day of the talent show, Luna was BURSTING with excitement!! Also, they gave you a sheet to list your talent. She suddenly saw her crush. Luckily, she already finished her sheet. Her crush said “Hope you win!” At 12:00 pm, the talent show began! The principal said “The Oak Ridge Middle School talent show is starting! Watch the students perform their talents!” First was Adalyn Miller. She was walking on her hands. All of the girls thought it was too easy, but they clapped anyway. Next was Lucas Brown. He was doing a fast rap.

“The fly drops deep as does my weight.
I never backflip, ’cause to backflip is the sister of date.
Beyond the walls of ants, life is defined.
I think of eating when I’m in a New York state of mind.

Hope the great got some rate.
My date don’t like no dirty plate.
Run up to the advocate and get the state.

In a New York state of mind.

What more could you ask for? The overconfident fly?
You complain about annoying brothers.
I gotta love it though – somebody still speaks for the L.”

Everyone cheered. After 312 students performed, it was time for Luna’s talent! Her heart was racing. “Sometimes you think you’re weak or slow, but everybody says you’re not. You answer ‘no’ and walk away, but your friends say ‘Come back…’ ” As she sang, the news reporter took a picture! And then, they realized they were famous! Luna googled herself, and she was famous! Everybody was ROARING for her! She also found out that her band was the students’ favorite band! She went into fame, and that’s how she became a YouTube icon. The end.

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