The Mystery Box

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        Hi! I am Lily, and this is the story about where my life went all wrong. It was a normal Tuesday here is Pasadena, I came home from school and found a package on my front patio. It said to Ellie, which is my mom’s name, unfortunately she passed away 5 years ago when I was 11. Yeah, I know I am sorry too. She was killed in a car crash, or at least that is what my dad told me, but I know my mom wouldn’t have let a car kill her. She was stronger than that. I don’t know maybe I am just making this up because I miss her. Anyway back to the box, I took it inside and pondered if I should open it. Well, after five minutes my curiosity took over and decided that I should open it. I wondered, who would send something to my mom if she was dead. Maybe they did not get the message. It did not say who it was from. I started to open it and found a letter,

                        Dear  Ellie,                                                                                                                                                                                         4/25/15        

                THEY ARE COMING. I am sorry it is this soon but I could not stop them any more. They found out about they money and are now a few days away. Do not tell anyone about this. I am so so sorry, I can do nothing more. Please protect yourself and stay safe. I love you. 



What! Who are they? What money? What are they doing? Why does the date say 4/25/15, two days before my mom passed? Why are they looking for her? So many questions drifted through my mind. I continued to look through the box. All that was left was what I would say is millions of dollars! Where did we get this money? I did not  know what to do, on one half I thought that I had to do something about this, on the other I feared that I did not want to know the true fate of my mother…


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