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When we think of heroes we think of Iron Man or Captain¬†America, but that is not what heroism is really about. ¬†Heroism is helping someone in need, whether it is a big gesture or a small one. Heroism is a lot like kindness. When you are being kind to someone it is like you are their hero. Being a hero doesn’t even mean protecting others, my heroes are my parents, firefighters, and doctors. These are my heroes because they show kindness, they keep me safe, and healthy. To be a hero you don’t even have to be an adult. Acts of heroism start when you make the difference. Whether you help someone you love or someone that you don’t even know, whether you are kind to your parents or kind to others on the streets, those are true acts of heroism. You don’t need a cape, you don’t need to be famous, you don’t need powers, the only thing you need to be a hero is kindness.

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