What makes reading so enjoyable?

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               When you open a book,  it is like you are stepping into a new world, whether the book is literally about a new world, or if it is still on earth. Reading is like the escape, from anything happening around you, all of the stress, sadness, anger, that all disappears when stepping into a book. When you are reading a book you get to imagine the characters, the setting, what is happening, all in your own perspective, which you can’t do in movies. The world can be what ever you want it to be, the characters can look however you like, that is what makes it so enjoyable. Even if you are reading something non-fiction, you can still imagine. If you are reading a book about an animal, you can picture yourself in their eyes, or imagine that that animal was your pet! No matter what book you are reading the possibilities are endless. That is why reading is so enjoyable. :) 

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