The Leaves Of Change

Growing up I was never the nicest kid who was the teachers pet, I was the bully that everyone hated and im here to tell you my story. It all started last year in my senior year of high school, my birthday was coming up and I couldn’t wait to get my wings because everyone who turned 18 gets wings. I was expecting to get white wings like everyone else but what I got was not that. The night before my birthday I couldn’t sleep no matter how hard I tried so I got on my phone and scrolled through Instagram. I was just looking through Instagram when I saw someone from my school, her name was Abigail Mendleton. Abigail was the girl that usually doesn’t get noticed so I commented on her post and said “If I were you I would never show my face in public”. I laughed at what I wrote and suddenly got tired so I put my phone down and went to sleep. The next morning I woke up to my back as sore as ever, I ran to my mirror to look at my wings and was utterly shocked at the reflection that I saw in the mirror. in my reflection I saw long lengthy dark branches with brown leaves hanging off, the leaves we dry and the branches were round and had pointy ends. I couldn’t say a word, it was like someone had ripped out my vocal cords, I was speechless. I ran downstairs to ask my mom what was happening to me and she said she didn’t know. I went to school that morning in the worst mood of my life, I saw some girls in the hallway and made fun of them, and thats when I realized, my leaves got darker. Everyone kept looking at my ugly branches, I stuck out like a sore thumb. For the first time in my life I felt a big lump in my throat, I wanted to cry but didn’t want to look weak so I swallowed the big lump and went to class. In my last class of the day I had an old lady as my teacher, she gasped as I walked in and told me to wait outside of the classroom, confused I walked outside of the door and waiting. The old lady walked out and she said ” I should’ve expected this to happen to you” looking at my branches that had almost black leaves. She then said “Do you want to fix it and get beautiful wings” I answered “More than anything”. She then continued to tell me that I had to stop bullying and start complimenting people. So that day I walked home thinking about what I would say. I looked up nice things to say to people and it just didnt feel right, but I had to try. The next day as I was walking to school I saw a women heading to work so I said ” You look beautiful today” she smiled and said “Thank you”. My leaves all of a sudden got a tent of green in the used to be black void. A smiled wiped across my face when they changed colors so I continued walking till I saw someone else. The next person I saw was a young boy so I said “That dinosaur shirt looks cool on you dude” he told me thanks and I was on my way. My leaves were now a dark green so I figured 3 more people would be the rest. I complements 2 people and moved onto my last one but when I compliments them my leaves stayed the same. I was so confused so I tried complimenting someone else, and yet again my leaves stayed the same. I went to the old lady who helped me before and she told me what was happening. She said that I had to compliment the person I hurt most but I wasn’t sure who that was. I thought of ideas on who it might be until I saw her, Abigail Mendleton was standing not even 8 feet away from me. It took everything I had to walk up to her and say “Im sorry for what I said to you, it wasn’t right of me and it wasn’t very nice” she looked at me in complete shock and stuttered a bit but still got out “t-t-thank you”. Thats when my leaves turned a bright green, they were so beautiful I almost cried. That was the happiest day of my life.


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