Everyone was sitting in class waiting to see there wings I was excited to see mine,I was excited to see my white furry wings and then swore throw the air.”next!” it was my turn I was super excited.I go inside and they seem to touch my back then suddenly something hurts badly I start crying I was making an ocean in there.The doctors where surprised scared it looked like but then I look behind me and it was horrifying I couldn’t say anything i was just crying from all the pain.The pain was too much i couldn’t take it was too much all of a sudden it went black.I wake up in a hospital bed without remembering anything that happen at school then I looked behind me and I started crying gaining everything that happen at school. I had branches for wings,these long brown misshapen things where my wings.I felt like everything was mad at me.My parent come in as they see tears going down my face they have a worried face.”I look ugly don’t I” I say as a tear comes rolling down my face. My parents smile ’’don’t say that about yourself you are beautiful no matter what’’ I look d but than i think of happy thought in my head and I smile the biggest smile ever ”your right I am beautiful no matter what”. The next day I went to school with everyone looking at me well I walk down the hall,i start to cry and go to the bathroom and try to clam myself down until these girls walk up to me ”ewe look at your wing there ugly why did you come to school anyways I wouldn’t have if my wing look like that” I sit there crying until this girl pops out ”leave her alone she looks as beautiful as a sunflower” the mean girls scoff and walk away.The girl is mad then she looks at me and smiles at me ”are you okay” I look at her with a sad face ”i’m fine and did you mean it do you really think i’m beautiful” the girls face looks confused ”of course why wouldn’t I” I give a bright smile at her ”thank you so much” the girl smiles back ” its no problem” and that day is the day I found out how i’m beautiful no matter what even if I have branches for wing.

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  • girl like how you do all this its so much words

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