I’m thing…..

You and I thing. You mite think a bot whut you do. You might think about games.  you might think about practices.  might think about sports in general. maybe you think about your loved ones. You think about your memory. You can think about good memories or bad memories. we all have good memories and bad memories.

        Good memories are some really nice that I have. but there’s also bad memories. we have to be careful because there’s no noise all around us. we don’t know if people are thinking about bad memories. it is usually easier to make somebody mad or sad if they’re having bad memories. lots of people like to hide their bad memories so you never really know. you have to think about everyone and how everyone feels. you wouldn’t like it if somebody made you mad on a bad day. so don’t do it to others.

        remember you feel different than I feel and I might feel different than you feel. to be careful about what you say. there is no telling what they’re going through and what they’re thinking about. stink with than be three find.

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Post Privacy Published on September 17 | Hobbies & Fun
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