Trapped in the book

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by : Izek
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Doctor story is this kid does not always try and try and try and try but he can’t read then after he made a story about myself stuck in the life we can’t read he stuck in the book he just doing nothing trying to read the tree on the paper then his colors used to know his colors are Vanishing turning white piece of paper even better stuff happy. will something else happen the kid was trying to get color switch he got out the book and try to look for a cup of color pencil or a cream only one color brown so he color his hair cuts hair back to normal all this other colors are missing so he just thinks something so you won’t look at him and he found a blue color pencil. can use that blue color pencil to draw pants and hijab pants then after he found the red pencil and he used it on a shirt made a shirt red shirt around looking for a white colored pencil shoes and he found one let me draw the shoes but something bad happened monstera woken it was a dragon so flip the air. and then after that dragon fruit the year Davante Houston try to attack and he felt he found the great tensile so he grabbed the sword and it’s and he he was he was trying to fight the dragon Shield so the dragon was breathing fire so he block the fire with a shield and a jump boost jump boots and then he jumped up there high and he and he got the dragon the end. 

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