This is Halloween!

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by : Lisa
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I wake up, roll over, and look at the clock. It is 6:30 AM, time to get ready for school.

It is, of course, Oct 31. It is always Oct 31. There is no other date and it is always Halloween.

It can be exhausting, sometimes, living in a never ending Halloween cycle. I have so many cavities from candy. I have almost no regular clothes. I wear costumes all the time. There are witches and bats and skeletons and black cats and ghosts everywhere. Everything is supposed to make you feel a little afraid or on edge.

Even when it is 90 degrees outside, it is Halloween.

Even when it is 1 degree outside, it is Halloween.

Even if you’re at the beach, it’s still Halloween. Have you ever seen a sweaty old guy on the beach in his Halloween paint? It is not pretty.

I long for 1 day that ISN’T Halloween. What would that be like? Do you live in a world that ISN’T Halloween every day? If so…tell me about it!

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