Ultimate Road Trip

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This is my ultimate road trip.

Me: Yo Karah, who should we invite, I need help.

Karah: Definitely Eric, Deanna, Sara, Jace, uh I don’t know anyone else…

Me: We are not inviting Eric.

Karah: But he’ll let us go on Netflix or Disney plus.

Me: True… I’m gonna get that beautiful Escalade for our trip. *grins*

Karah: Yeah, I’ve been seeing you eye it for the longest time.

Me: Yup, anywho, I’ll call Eric, and I may invite some of his friends so he won’t be the only boy, hehe.

Karah: Well we could invite Lil’ J.

(Lil’ J is the nickname for our brother Jaden)

Me: True. Add him. Anyway Let’s call.

Days later after we invited our uncle Eric, Jace, Deanna, Sara, Jaden, and some of Eric’s friends. (I’ll make up a few names for his friends).

Me: *driving Cadillac Escalade with music blasting, the bass turned up, and windows down* So! First up! We are going to take the historic Route 66!

Sara: Sounds awesome.

Jace: We already have the horrors of school, so why do we need to learn about the historic Route 66.

Deanna: We’re not going to be writing an essay silly, this is only a trip!

Me: Yup, should I change the music?



Minutes after Jace and I stop arguing who’s playlist we’re gonna do.

Me: Who wants to drive next.

Jace: ME!

Deanna: Better not drive crazy.

Sara: Ok, good come on Jas we can talk about the thing.*grins mischievously*

Me: Oh yea!!! Let’s look up the actors first. *smile*

Sara: Ooooh *laughs* You obsessed.

Karah: We need to listen to NF, y’all’s music trash.

Deanna: Nooo!

Karah: Yes!

One of Eric’s friends: People, people, calm down! Let’s just watch a movie.

Me: Goody, Eric you pick, I don’t care if it’s a show you’re finishing up.

*Sara pokes me in the ribs*


Eric: Okie dokes, Endgame it is.

Me: Wait! We just entered Missouri just to let y’all know.

Jaden: That’s noice.

Now we watch the movie for like 3 hours. Movie is done.

Me: *all teary eyed* I’m gonna be depressed for the rest of the route…

Sara: *also teary eyed* Same…

Deanna and Karah: Meh. We would rather watch The Flash or Heartland.

Me: So rude.

Jaden: We made it to Oklahoma.

Me: Awesome! How many more states to go?

Deanna: Uhh we got four states to go.

One of Eric’s friends: Yeesh!

Me: Yup. Well y’all I’m takin’ a nap. *Goes to sleep*

Hours later.

Me: *wakes up* Good morning people!

Jace: Good morning! Your uncle is driving, and we are in the little part of Texas.

Deanna: And we got to watch Heartland which was amazing.

Me: Meh.

Sara: Hey! Stephen Amell was in there.

Me: Even if he’s in there meh for Heartland.

More hours

Me: We just passed good ol’ New Mexico. Now we are in Arizona!

Jace: My sister’s state.

Me: Yep.

Eric: Y’all wanna watch something or listen to something?

Me: How about we listen to some music for an hour then watch something.

Eric: Good. *Puts on music*

Jace: Your uncle has some good bass music!

Me: Thanks! Oh Sara, should we watch Doctor Strange 2?

*Karah somewhere in the background* YES LETS WATCH IT!!!!!

Sara: *laughs* Sure.

Jaden: Booo.

Me: Be quiet, you’re mad cuz you never seen a bunch of those movies. *snicker*

Jaden: No.

Eric: We still got a coup…

Everyone cutting him off: MOVIE!!!

Eric: Oook then, movie it is.

After movie we take a nap then it’s been over a day.

Me: *wakes up just before we reach California* YOU GUYS WAKE UP WE IN CALI!!!!!!

*Everyone wakes up and says yay and woohoo*

Jace: Alright Jas! Bass turned up!!

Me: 10-4! *turns up music and bass*

We all jam in the car then go to Hollywood. We go visit all the famous sites, we go see the Footprint Path thing and we stay in a hotel for 2 weeks and we’re on the way back.

That’s my ultimate road trip, what’s yours?



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