Social media and how it affects social anxiety

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Social media is a great thing and is how we can communicate and express ourselves to the world. Yet it also is a main reason why social anxiety has increased in youth. Social media is a great way to express ourselves and be creative, but it also leads to lots of hate. One main reason social media relates to social anxiety is based on how we look. For girls, social media suggests that you are not pretty if you don’t have a slim waist, big butt, small nose, are straight, are white, pretty smile, pretty eyes, an hourglass shape and big boobs. This is very important to young girls because it makes you feel like you are a failure and are ugly unless you don’t have those things. Even if you do, you have probably gone through lots of pain, torture and self harm because of it. For guys, social media only thinks you are handsome if you have abs and are strong. Look at some of the most popular influencers today, lots of them meet the standards even if they are known for something else. Many people also get hate for what they do, as an example @xobrooklynne gets lots of hate for supporting people that are not skinny and are not thin. But unlike others, she is positive about it and always spreads body positivity. Social media is really the reason so many kids have social anxiety. I myself am not happy with what I look like and are always nervous what people are going to think of me. But our looks should not define us. This is just the stereotype and you may not realize it, but you have probably judged someone who does not meet these standards. Do I think that social media is bad, no absolutely not. I think that we need more people who are supportive about how we look and that we should not define ourselves based off of that.

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