A weird day at the lake

ring ring ”i’m up” the day was started and Lisa was walking  crash Lisa bumped into someone “i’m sorry it was an accident” Lisa froze. ”JACK” she called out the person tured  around Lisa yell o my god . I can’t believe this i haven’t seen you since high school. hours and hours of talking ”i have a wolf pet and wolf pups”  Lisa said, jack asked” you want to go to the lake on Friday” nervously ”sure”, replied Lisa ”i will have to bring the pets though”,  “it’s-it’s OK” said jack ”i want to meet them” as Lisa walked home blushing she noticed something ”rose” she said and a wolf looked back at her ”rose what are you doing here” rose dragged her to a bush   um wipers  oh no don’t worry Dexter i’ll get you out of that bush she went through the bush like it was a jungle ”got you come on Dexter”  “finally at home” Lisa said relief “i’m so tired” as Dexter jumped out of Lisa’s hands she fell  rose was barking and howling for help as jack lived right next door so he ran and saw Lisa he called the hospital  as Lisa woke up  ”where am i” jack replied your at the hospital   WHAT   screamed Lisa ”why am i here” jack replied you fainted ”i-i fainted”  ”yep”   jack replied rose ran in and jumped on the bed  ”your lucky rose here saved your life.She was barking and i was coming over because i had made  dinner for you but that’s  when i saw you on the ground.I called the cops and now your here.The doctor said you have a illness i forgot what they said. I’ll come over tomorrow ” ”why” Lisa said  ”we are going to the lake remember”.said jack  ”oh yea” Lisa replied i will be ready tomorrow the day past and it is lake day ”all ready rose” woof woof rose barked ”pups”  woof woof woof ”OK lets go then” as Lisa walked out she saw jack with flowers ”here” jack handed the flowers to Lisa ”thanks”she said happy ”lets get in the car” jack said 3 hour of driving “we are finely here” Lisa said with excitement “lets go” jack said while running to the end of the dock with Lisa and then he kissed Lisa 

     The End  

                                                                          part 3  coming soon


  • love your storys

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