lost kitten

one day Lisa was walking though the woods when she  heard a cry she ran and saw a lost kitten or that’s what she thought she spent the years caring for it she  went to the store and came back and the house was a mess she thought a robber came. Lisa ran to her room and she was  relived her kitten was asleep then she was tired and so she fell asleep as well next day came and she was getting ready for work and she  was ready for the day except something felt wrong to her she walked in  her room and her kitten was not awake she was worried because the kitten always wakes up for breakfast she toke the kitten to the vet she was worried the vet came out and said the wolf is OK. Lisa was confused ”wolf what are you saying” asked Lisa as the vet replied ”you brought the little animal right”? ya, said Lisa as the nurse replied you found a baby wolf Lisa has surprised  a b-b-baby w-wolf, as Lisa backed up she said ”i don’t know if i can do this anymore”. the vet replied you can keep the wolf until it grows up then you will have to let it go back to were you  found it but just then Lisa remembered the fun memory s came back to her and then she yelled ”why can i just keep her  why cant i keep rose as the  vet replied well you could but your house would be full of wolf pups wolf pups ya said the vet miss rose here is having 12 babies ya i can’t believe this my wolf is having wolf pups  is this a dream if it is don’t wake me up ever i cant wait my grand puppy’s are coming  years past and  they arrived aw they are so cute  this ones grace and this is rose after a long time of naming so what do you think of the names their great Lisa asked the vet i was wondering how old do they have to be for them to start eating real food instead of milk the vet answered 4 years old Lisa said o OK.the years past and all the pups were grownup on day Lisa was walking and bumped into someone ….


to be continued

part 2

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