Mr. Midnight

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(This story is fiction)

My name is Fran. I was sitting at home with my Aunt Grace. we were playing I spy when my parents came back. My Mom had her hands behind her back, and my Dad looked very excited.  I asked what he was so happy about, he pointed to my mom and she took out a basket from behind her, I heard purring, I uncover the basket, and I see a Black kitty!! “Mr. Midnight!” I exclaimed, he had bright yellow eyes like gold.  When I would go to bed,  Mr. Midnight would climb onto my bed and cuddle with me, he is the fluffiest cat I have ever seen. When Aunt Grace is sleeping or reading, or my parents are at work, Mr. Midnight always keeps me company. I have a laser that Mr. Midnight likes to chase, he always makes me laugh and when I would get scared, he would purr and fill my dreams with memories of us. When I would play hide and seek with Aunt Grace, he would always show me where Aunt Grace was hiding, and when Aunt Grace seeks, Mr. Midnight pretends to asleep and not be interested. He is a very smart cat.


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