Going to time and speed

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by : Izek
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This girl is golden time crystals that look like the type she has a time machine case you know what that is that what it is organsim figure it out so fresh she gets her soup did the suitcase opens the shoot stuff out of the suitcase like stuff like come out the suitcase to talk and all the stuff and it closed in it what all her stuff inside of itself and its in case closed and then it turns to a suitcase of Time Machine. The gas can from her chase you put inside the case isn’t the time shoot balls and time then after she stopped at that time that you want back a little since you went back to her spot in after she drilled for car in case anyone back from Heaven Jesus stuff even Jesus stores even Jesus power when she was just do his powers she teleport to the place she was done. 

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Post Privacy Published on October 08 | General Ideas
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